Pensacola Airport Introduction

Pensacola AirportWelcome to the Pensacola Airport Guide. This guide is meant as an introduction to the Pensacola International Airport and ground transportation options at the airport facility. The Pensacola International Airport, formerly known as Pensacola Gulf Coast Regional Airport, is a public airport located in Pensacola which is part of Escambia County, Florida. The airport was changed to Pensacola International Airport in 2011 as a recommendation by the acting mayor of Pensacola, Ashton Hayward. The airport services the Gulf Coast Region of Florida, but supports air traffic from other airports extending out to the entire southern region. The airport began flights in 1937. In 1938, National Airlines began flights to Mobile and Jacksonville. The airport was used as a naval facility from 1940 to 1945. In 1947 Eastern Air Lines began service out of Pensacola. Eastern began the first scheduled jet service from Pensacola in 1968. Pensacola Airport is a one terminal airport with 12 gates that were built in the 1990′s. Gates 11–12 are on the ground floor gates 8 and 12 are unassigned (vacant).

The increasingly large number of tourists that visit Pensacola during the busy season, made it necessary for the airport to enlarge the facility – primarily to provide more room for people waiting for planes. Southwest Airlines is the most recent airlines to come into Pensacola, joining American, Delta, United, US Airways and Silver Airlines as the airlines currently flying out of the Pensacola International Airport.

Gate Assignments:
Southwest: Gate 10
American: Gate 5 and 6
Delta: Gate 2 and 4
United: Gate 1, 3 and 11
US Airways: Gate 7 and 9

Pensacola Airport Ground Transportation

Airport Ground TransportationThe ground transportation options at the Pensacola International Airport consist of airport taxis, airport shuttles and limo service. Airport taxis are immediately available to customers across from the baggage claim area at the airport. The airport taxis sit in a queue and are available on a first come, first serve basis. Like most areas of the country, the taxis use a meter to charge you and you are charged based on the meter reading at your final destination. Not all taxi accept credit cards. Taxis that do accept credit cards will have a credit card logo visible on a side window. Very few taxis come equipped with child car seats. Thus, if you require a car seat, it is recommended you make an arrangement with a service such as an airport shuttle that will in most cases have one on hand. If you need airport shuttle or limo service, it will be necessary to make advance arrangements for their service, as they are not available in a queue as are airport taxi. If you are needing airport shuttle service, bear in mind that most shuttle services that provide service to the Pensacola Airport are “direct shuttle” and not “shared shuttle” services. Direct shuttle service is a door-to-door service, whereas you do not share a ride with other passengers. Direct shuttle service rates will generally be less than airport taxi rates, whereas shared shuttle rates are more in line with what a bus or city transit would charge you. Limo service in Pensacola is widely available and like shuttle services, you will have to make arrangements in advance.

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